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by Nhandi Nyawela, 11

AFRIKA is my home

Where I belong

It is my homeland

The place where I will reunite

with my ancestors

AFRIKA is a place of love

Peace, justice


It is the place I seek

Where I want to be


As much as I love myself


My family is in AFRIKA

I must go back.

We Can't Forget

by Zuri A. Kenyatte, 12

Police cars arrive

Lights flash

Colored bodies fall in the grass

Police officers don’t care

They just sit on their phones and stare

“They threatened me, I had to shoot”

They shot another Afrikan through the hoop

The hoop of death I say

We pray they pay this time

For their filthy, nasty crimes

Lying, Killing, Vacation Time

It’s all part of their plan

We ask, will this ever end?

Eric Garner

Trayvon Martin

Sandra Bland

Tanisha Anderson

Say their names

Raise your voice

And say their names

Breaion King

Tamir Rice

Pamela Turner

Philando Castile

Ahmaud Abery

George Floyd

Say their names

Before that rage

Dies down

And we stop fighting back.


by Ajani Bell, 11

In the night

Came a breeze

It took me up

Threw me away

It’s really hard to talk about

Really hard to say

Went to the store

Floating on a cloud

Should I say this out loud?