Writing on the Walls! is an innovative creative writing program designed to inspire a passion for literary artistry by introducing children to various aspects of the writing process. Through a variety of fun activities fashioned to encourage imagination and develop effective writing and critical thinking skills, participants compose polished, original works utilizing narrative, persuasive and informative writing standards.

Our primary goals are to demystify the writing process, help children develop a positive relationship with writing and make it fun!

We believe that allowing children to create in a safe and supportive environment strongly impacts their academic and professional success for years to come. The techniques we emphasize—thinking outside the box, presenting clear and orderly thoughts, using descriptive details, drafting well-constructed paragraphs, and making revisions—mirror the formal English/Language Arts standards our children are expected to master. Starting early is the key. Our creative writing workshops help to build a solid foundation, and frankly, provide children more time to practice and sharpen their skills.

6 Golden Rules of Writing



Ernest Gaines